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Half Moon diamonds

What are Half-Moon Diamonds?

The half-moon shaped diamond, characterized by a half-round or half-oval structure with a straight edge, is commonly utilized as a side stone. If you seek to enhance a piece with a rectangular, oval-shaped, or cushion-cut center stone, incorporating a half-moon shaped diamond can provide a distinctive touch. When expertly shaped, a half-moon diamond exhibits a consistent sparkle from end to end.

In the 1920s and 1930s, the diamond's straight edge underwent step-cut faceting, but contemporary techniques now employ brilliant cutting to achieve a seamlessly straight side. These unique Half Moon diamonds have gained popularity, particularly in ring settings, where two Half Moon-cut diamonds flank a central stone.

The outcome is a remarkably attractive diamond setting on the ring. The Half Moon cutting method offers a creative solution for polishing diamonds with imperfections on one side, enhancing their value despite flawless attributes on the opposite side. By cutting the defective side, a uniquely shaped stone of higher worth is created compared to the original diamond. The Half Moon cut enables the creation of jewelry with distinctive settings.

For the half-moon shaped diamond, the optimal length-to-width ratio is 2, and these diamonds are often sold in pairs. A ratio exceeding 2 may result in a "skinny" appearance, while a ratio below 2 can create an elongated, shrunken look. Achieving the correct ratio demands skill and experience, with matching a pair of half-moon diamonds presenting an even more intricate challenge.