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Should I buy a fluorescent diamond?

Should I buy a fluorescent diamond?

In many respects, it is advisable to opt for a fluorescent diamond, especially if you want to benefit from substantial savings. However, this is not the only advantage...

What is the fluorescence of a diamond?

The fluorescence of a diamond is a luminous effect that some diamonds exhibit when exposed to ultraviolet light. They emit a visible light, usually blue.

If you want to know the degree of fluorescence of your diamond, you must go to a diamond dealer so that he can place your diamond under an ultraviolet lamp.

If your stone reacts to ultraviolet light by coloring, it means that it has fluorescence. If the diamond remains dark, it is not fluorescent.

The effect is comparable to that of a white shirt in a nightclub. Without ultraviolet light, no effect can be seen.

This fluorescence comes from a reaction between the energy of the light and the atoms of the diamond to ultraviolet rays. It is caused by the presence of nitrogen and other impurities in the diamond’s crystalline structure. A diamond will fluoresce, if there are traces of the mineral Boron present in the earth during the crystallization process.

How does fluorescence affect the price of diamonds?

As a general rule, fluorescent diamonds sell for 10 to 25% less than other diamonds and can therefore offer good value for money.

This discount is related to the degree of fluorescence of the diamond which is one of the characteristics of the diamond that is listed on the diamond certificate.

You will find one of the following inscriptions:

  • None or Nil
  • Slight or Faint
  • Medium
  • Strong
  • Very strong

Why buy a fluorescent diamond?

This is indeed a poorly understood subject matter, because it is poorly explained. The lack of interest in this type of diamond rather results from false beliefs, because in almost all cases, it is impossible to distinguish with the naked eye whether a diamond has fluorescence or not. In some cases, fluorescence can even enhance the color to the naked eye, thus increasing the beauty of the diamond.

Historically, diamonds with fluorescence were valued (prized), sold for up to 5% more than others and actively sought after by dealers.

A 1997 study conducted by the renowned Gemological Institute of America, GIA, based on more than 26,000 diamonds, showed that, in most cases, fluorescence has no impact on the visible appearance of a diamond. It even concluded that “highly fluorescent diamonds are perceived to have a better color appearance than non-fluorescent diamonds”. (Source: A Contribution To Understanding The Effect Of Blue Fluorescence On The Appearance Of Diamonds, by Thomas M. Moses, Ilene M. Reinitz, Mary L. Johnson, John M. King, and James E. Shigley)