• Direct to diamantaires

  • Amazing value

  • 100% Ethically sourced

  • Diamond expert guidance

Why are we cheaper?

What makes us so innovative?

Woodeex is the first company to have launched an online diamond exchange, allowing her customers to buy directly from the diamond manufacturers of the four largest diamond exchanges in the world, which are located in Antwerp, New York, Mumbai, and Ramat Gan.

Woodeex is disrupting the diamond market for the benefit of her customers by eliminating the margins of all the intermediaries found in the supply chain, between the diamond exchange and the end consumer.

Here is a graph that allows you to understand and compare the Woodeex journey with the traditional journey of the diamond supply chain and thus better identify the savings.

Why was this never done before?

  • To set up such a platform, it is necessary to have, above everything else, the trust and recognition of the Professionals of the trade such as diamantaires from the world's major diamond exchanges, who truly commit their reputation by appearing on Woodeex, and offering their inventory for sale.
  • To do this, you must be one of them, and be recognized for your reputation, experience and professionalism.
  • This is the case of the founder of Woodeex, who is a third-generation diamantaire and a member of the Antwerp and Ramat Gan Diamond Exchanges.

What more do you gain in the end?

  • Amazing value for money

    Up to 70% cheaper than retailers

  • Thousand of certified diamonds

    Choose from a very wide selection

  • Diamond expert advices

    To help you in your perfect choice

  • 100% ethically sourced

    Transparent et traceable

How do we still guarantee the quality of our products and services?

  • By carefully selecting our sellers / diamantaires.
  • By checking each diamond and its certificate before shipping them.
  • By issuing one of the most respected gemology certificates in the diamond industry.
  • By offering you a quality expert customer service.
  • By providing you all the guarantees of return and refund.
  • By offering delivery.
  • By securing payments and delivery.