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Ethical diamonds

Zero Tolerance

Thanks to increased awareness and consciousness in recent years, consumers have become much more eco-responsible in all market sectors.

Being aware of the social and environmental impact of everything they buy, they have considerably changed their consumption habits to become much more attentive to the origin of products and the guarantee of respectful and responsible production methods.

Fortunately, the diamond market is no exception to this trend. Finding the right diamond is one thing, but making sure it comes from an ethical source is another.

Our promise

Woodeex maintains a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. We only work with suppliers that guarantee that the diamonds they sell to Woodeex comply with all applicable laws and are certified conflict-free.

Our company guidelines exceed the Kimberley Process, by providing access and being transparent about our suppliers, an exclusive network of professional diamond dealers from the world's largest diamond exchanges.

By providing visibility into the diamond origin and the supply chain, we show the origin and the route each diamond takes to the consumer. This level of transparency is at the heart of our operations and what Woodeex stands for.

What is the Kimberley Process?

For many years, the international community has been concerned about the link between the trade in rough diamonds and the financing of armed conflict in some African countries.

In 2003, the diamond industry, in accordance with the United Nations, established a process to prevent the circulation of conflict (blood) diamonds. This initiative, called the Kimberley Process, aims at tracing every diamond from the mine to the point of sale, thereby preventing the trade in illegal diamonds.

The "System of Warranties" is complementary to the Kimberley Process in that it no longer applies only to rough diamonds but also to polished diamonds.

The latter involves issuing a statement of assurance on each invoice that guarantees that the diamond is "Conflict Free", meaning that it comes from a legitimate source not involved in financing armed conflict.

Conflict free and Ethical Diamonds

Conflict-free, cruelty-free and ethical diamonds are terms often used interchangeably but are not entirely the same. Conflict-free refers to diamonds which haven’t financed civil wars. Ethical diamonds take it a step further, ensuring equitable pay, safe working conditions, environmentally sound practices, and zero human rights abuses.

This essentially means that a diamond has been mined and shipped without any connection to rebel or terror groups. When you buy an ethical diamond, it means it has followed a process where no societal and environmental harm has been done.