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Investment diamonds

Our investment model

  • The investment choice we offer is in line with the Woodeex concept and added value, which is to enable the purchase of a diamond directly from the source, at the best market price.
    It's important to stress that we only offer physical diamonds for direct delivery to customers.
  • Under no circumstances do we offer financial solutions or diamond-related investment vehicles. It's not a "classic" investment solution (which would offer returns and exit options).

Buying your diamond at source

Buying as far up the supply chain as possible and avoiding successive intermediaries are the keys to a good investment. Here's a chart to help you understand and compare the Woodeex journey with the traditional diamond supply chain, and thus better identify the savings made.

A passion investment

  • The investment diamond is an alternative way to diversify your assets. It is based on tangible assets with strong emotional connotations, such as works of art or classic cars.
  • By bringing together the notions of passion and
    investment, we wanted to bring a little emotion back into finance and to recreate a link between the investor and the product.
  • This highly specialized niche, often sought after but difficult to access, meets the expectations of investors looking for diversification, innovation, excellence and exclusivity.

10 reasons to invest in diamonds

  • Diamonds are an international asset, which are tradable worldwide, and with a standard
    and international valuation system.
  • Diamonds are liquid, transportable and can be moved at any time.
  • Diamonds concentrate a lot of value in a small volume.
  • Diamonds are anonymous since no registration is required.
  • Diamonds are unalterable and do not require any follow-up or special treatment. It does not incur any management costs, except for those in a safe deposit box.
  • Diamond is an anti-crisis currency. It is uncorrelated with the economy of a country. Its price is regulated by world supply and demand. It is a real, healthy market.
  • Diamonds are a safe haven par excellence, offering protection against inflation.
  • Throughout its history, diamonds have demonstrated an increase in value. As resources
    dwindle, the price of diamonds tends to increase over the years.
  • Diamonds are easily passed on from generation to generation, thereby adding a family and emotional dimension to the financial dimension.
  • Diamonds can also be mounted on a piece of jewelry, thus combining pleasure and investment.

Highest quality

Unlike diamonds for traditional jewelry, investment diamonds are based on objective quality
criteria designed to optimize your investment.
That's why we only recommend diamonds of the highest quality, for which there is significant
market demand due to their rarity.

Carat : 1.00 cts – 10.00 cts
Colour: D-E-F
Clarity: IF – VVS
Shapes: Toutes formes
Cut: Excellent / Very good
Polish: Excellent / Very good
Symmetry: Excellent / Very good
Fluorescence : None / Slight
The investment in colored diamonds follows different criteria than those of colorless diamonds. The selection criteria are mainly based on the color and the intensity of the color.
As for colorless diamonds, the colored diamonds which we propose to you, will be also intended for investment, since their qualities are quite as exceptional.

Gemmology certificate

All our diamonds are certified exclusively by the diamond industry's mostrenowned and recognized gemmological laboratories: GIA, HRD and IGI.