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A game changing gift perfect for everyone on your list

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Afraid of making a mistake?

The ideal gift is to give her the choice

Woodeex gift card

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Information and Use

Woodeex gift cards are 100% digital.

The Woodeex E-gift card can be used at any time, in full or in part, exclusively online on the Woodeex website. This card will expire 12 months after the date of purchase. This gift card can be used to make multiple purchases, in whole or in part, alone or with other payment methods, as long as it is credited. The value of the gift card is expressed in the currency of the country in which it was purchased.

An e-mail is instantly sent, after payment validation, and you can print out the digital gift card or forward the e-mail to the person of your choice.

Gift cards work like discount codes. To use your card, you need to enter the card code in the "Gift card or discount code" field at the time of payment.

If the balance on the card exceeds the value of the basket, then the amount will be deducted from the card, and the code can be reused on a future purchase. Conversely, if the card balance is less than the basket value, then you will need to enter a payment method to pay the additional amount.

Need help?

Please, contact our customer service or send us a message by chat or WhatsApp for any question you may have especially to find out the balance of your gift card.

Gift cards can be used on woodeex.com

The Woodeex E-Gift Card

Can't make up your mind? Lacking inspiration? Looking for a gift idea? Afraid of making a mistake?

The ideal gift is to give her the choice. Or how to please your loved ones without making a mistake!

Offer the opportunity of discovering and choosing from a very wide selection of diamonds and our tailor-made creations.

Quick and easy (ideal for latecomers), it can be printed or offer by email in just a few minutes.

Just follow the guide!

Why choose Woodeex?

  • Direct to diamantaires

    From the diamond bourses

  • Amazing value for money

    Up to 70% cheaper than retailers

  • Thousand of certified diamonds

    Through a wide choice

  • Diamond experts advices

    To help in your best choice

  • 100% ethical sourced

    Transparency and traceability

  • The woodeex guarantee

    Secures all your transactions

Responsibly sourced

Transparency and traceability are two of our core values. All our diamantaires/sellers adhere to the Kimberley Process and the “System of Warranties” which commits them to sourcing diamonds from legitimate sources.

Woodeex gift card

Woodeex gift card

From $100.00 USD

Purchase a Woodeex Gift Card and let them the choice. A game changing gift perfect for everyone on your list

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