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Your first diamond

The process of buying your first diamond, which is often linked to a major event in your life, can be a daunting task and a confusing experience.

Indeed, the choice of a diamond, mixing technical criteria and financial aspects, is almost impossible without in-depth knowledge and specialized guidance.

This is why we have naturally chosen to concentrate our efforts on what we have best to offer you: the diamond in all its facets and access to a world usually closed to non-professionals.

Understand diamonds

To buy the right way, it is necessary to understand diamonds. We believe that the knowledge which we can offer you are essential, when choosing your diamond.

Thus, we lay emphasis on guiding you and providing you with the keys to a conscious, transparent and optimal purchase. Here you will find a series of guides, intelligent tools, online advice and detailed information on each diamond and each seller/diamantaire, as well as a personalized support service from our diamond experts.

Trust and confidence

We commit our trust on each diamond offered by us. That is why, beyond the advice and the support, our gemologists control each diamond received from our suppliers, before the expedition, in order to verify that it corresponds to your order.

Any questions?

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