Why trust us?


WOODEEX founder, Daniel Sieradzki, is part of a Belgian family of diamonds professionals from generation to generation since 1930.

Daniel’s expertise is based on a vast know-how and an in-depth knowledge of the diamond trade, which he has been practicing for over 25 years.

Daniel is also member of the international diamond exchanges of Anvers and Ramat Gan.


Woodeex is officially trusted by some of the professional diamond trade and the world diamond organizations.

The sellers present on our platform, all members of the world’s leading diamond

exchanges, are among the most important diamond manufacturers.

The Israel Diamond Exchange, one of the largest diamond exchanges, has officially signed a partnership with Woodeex.


Woodeex provides you with many essential guarantees for a purchase in total serenity. Our commitment to you does not end at delivery. We guarantee every step of the purchasing process through the Woodeex guarantee.


When you buy a diamond on WOODEEX, you buy from WOODEEX.

This means that:

  • Our head office address is known. We have a showroom in the Israel Diamond Exchange that you can visit: Israel Diamond Exchange, Jabotinsky 1, Ramat Gan 5252000, Israel.
  • You can contact us for any question (to know how, see below “Assistance & Advice”).

Assistance & advices

Woodeex improve your Shopping Experience through Smart Assistants “Smart” and the “Woodeex Assistant” that help you to find the “right diamond” and to make your choice upon what is the most important to you.

Thanks to sophisticated AI algorithms that undertake the best of diamonds’ professionals’ knowledge.

You can also find useful information in our section Advices and Guidance.


Woodeex carefully selects the diamantaires allowed to propose their diamonds on its online platform, upon the following criteria:

  • The diamantaire must imperatively be a diamond member and operating within one of the main world diamond exchanges, Antwerp, Ramat Gan, New York and Mumbai
  • Every diamantaire must provides a number of documents and important legal data, including the origin and provenance of their diamonds of which Woodeex controls the veracity. A strict and rigorous control is carried out for each new request.


A diamond certificate (also called “Diamond grading report”) is the identity card of a diamond.

It is necessary to have the information described in the diamond certificate, which is an

indispensable piece of information to determine the real quality of the diamond.

At Woodeex, all diamonds are accompanied by a diamond certificate, from one of the four most respected gemological laboratories in the diamond industry:    GIA, HRD and IGI.


At Woodeex, we understand that our customers care where their diamonds come from, and we share that concern.

Every diamond we sell is certified “conflict free” in accordance with the Kimberley Process and “systems of warranties”.

This means that all diamonds on the Woodeex platform are ethically sourced, free of conflict zones.


The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our concerns because you are our best ambassadors. Your testimonials speak for us.

Satisfying you means, above all, advising you, supporting you, and meeting your needs to give you the certainty of having made the best choice.

The key to our success lies above all in trust, recommendations, and word of mouth. This is why we work daily to improve our products and services.

Jeremy S.

@Woodeex allowed me to find the perfect stone for my expectations and my budget!         I have never had this impression with any jeweler. I confidently recommend this platform to my friends.


Adrien R.

The diamond solitaire ring I gave my wife for our 10th wedding birthday is perfect. I highly recommend @Woodeex both for the quality/price ratio and for the quality of their advice.

Jean-Yves B.

Thank you @Woodeex. The deadlines have been met, the quality is impreccable and the prices unbeatable! To be renewed.