Unique and rare diamond shapes

by | Dec 7, 2021 | diamond world

Diamonds attract us at first sight. Yet it is all the more fascinating to unravel their mystery. It is interesting to discover more about diamonds than just the basics.

Did you know, for example, that the “diamond shape” is not limited to the classic, timeless or fancy shapes we usually find, such as the Princess, Oval, Heart, Pear, Cushion, or other basic geometric shapes?

The most incredible sizes exist and are worth knowing.

Although the traditional diamond shapes are still appreciated by all for their classic appearance, others will surprise and seduce the lovers of originality and exceptions.

Indeed, diamond cutting is a true art that requires, beyond the exceptional know-how of the lapidary craftsman, creativity and imagination to highlight the diamonds and make them sparkle.

In traditional jewelry stores, you will mostly find classic and fancy diamonds that generally belong to one of the 10 popular diamond shapes we mentioned above. However, there are many other shapes that are much rarer and therefore harder to find on the market as like the horse’s head, the flower, the butterfly, the Kite, the half-moon or the briolette.

These rare shapes are less prized than the others and often belong to a different sales category. Very, or even too special, sometimes patented, these sizes are sometimes sold exclusively to certain brands, which make them uncommon and expensive.

While these original and unique shapes are often used, on jewelry, as classic shape accent stones, they can also be used as centerpieces.

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