Find the perfect diamond

Between tradition and innovation

In addition to our personalized advice and our various online guides, we wanted to go even further.

By blending the know-how and expertise of the diamantaire with new technologies, we offer you two innovative tools such as the “Smart” and the “Woodeex Assistant” which allow you to choose the diamond that best suits your criteria.

Why these tools?

Our goal is to provide you with additional assistance in making your final diamond choice because the choice of a diamond, mixing technical criteria and financial aspects, is almost impossible without in-depth knowledge and specialized guidance.

According to your selection criteria, we will present you the diamonds with the best quality/price ratio among all those, already the cheapest on the market.

What is the calculation method?

Created by algorithms, the Woodeex Assistant and Smart compare each diamond with equivalent quality criteria by taking into account the price of each of them.

For each diamond we score, we don’t stop at the usual 4 criteria representing the 4’Cs (Carat, color, size, clarity).

We also consider the shape and fluorescence, and other criteria such as polish and symmetry.

How it works?


Once you have simply selected your budget and the shape of the diamond you want, the Smart will offer you 3 different choices in each of the following three categories


  • Biggest carat weight
  • Highest quality
  • The right compromise


Sara, (Smart Assistant with Results by Algorithm), your personal assistant will help you, through a few questions, to better understand your expectations and will guide you along your journey. Three different choices will also be offered to you depending on the answers you provide.