How to choose the diamond that is right for me?

Thanks to their incomparable magic and brilliance, diamonds are by far the first choice for jewelry, especially for engagement rings.  If you are looking to buy a diamond, you will certainly be looking out for the perfect diamond.

However, is there such a thing as the perfect diamond? There are countless factors that go into the overall grade that determines the quality of a diamond. While the 4Cs are institutional criteria for diamond characteristics, defined by the diamond industry, and listed on a diamond certificate, your perfect diamond is not limited to these objective characteristics.

Your own sensitivity

Objectively perfect diamonds, according to the 4Cs, are not within the reach of all budgets. However, there are plenty of amazing and very interesting diamonds on the market that will give you the same emotion.

There is no such thing as a good or bad diamond. Each diamond is unique. The essential criteria to take into account must be, in the first place, your own sensitivity, your desires and your needs of the moment. This is what will make your diamond so perfect.

Your perfect diamond

The purchase of a diamond can be linked to an important event in one’s life, such as an engagement, an anniversary or a birth. It can be a souvenir, reminiscent of the one worn by our mother or grandmother; it can be an investment or simply an opportunity for a pleasure-purchase. Whether it is sparkling, discreet, small, classic or original, the diamond has this extraordinary capacity to give off an unparalleled emotion, especially when it is a reflection of your personality.

We understand that the criteria for choosing a diamond go far beyond the established quality standards and must respond above all to what is right for you.

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