How Diamonds Do Good & Give Back

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Diamonds are in high demand and are an extremely sought-after commodity. But what some people may not be aware of is that these precious gems greatly contribute to the development of global communities. So, if you or your fiancé has said “yes” to a natural diamond engagement ring, that means food on the table, social programming, healthcare and education for millions of people around the world.

Diamonds Do Good (DDG) is the very first nonprofit organization in the diamond industry that supports programs that develop and empower people in natural diamond communities around the world. By empowering individuals, communities, and societies, DDG hopes to help bring about economic prosperity, stability and advancement in those living in diamond communities.

That’s why at Woodeex we support this important organization that has helped and continues to help millions of people around the world lead better lives. And that’s also why we’ve decided to bring to light the projects and activities of DDG.

DDG is founded by the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) and funded from donations by companies throughout the diamond pipeline that share in its mission to empower young people, provide jobs and save ecosystems in countries where the industry does business. These include De Beers, Signet, Alrosa and others. Diamonds Do Good, in turn, provides support to Sentebale, Flaviana Matata Foundation, The Brave of Heart Fund, and the Mine Training Society, among others.

Specifically, Diamonds Do Good supports organizations that reduce poverty, provide healthcare, clean water and sanitation, and those that reduce inequality and improve the ecosystem. They also support organizations that provide educational opportunities to young people in areas where diamonds are mined and manufactured.

One such example is the Flaviana Matata Foundation, an organization founded by both Miss Tanzania and Diamonds Do Good, with the aim of providing financial and material support to over 3000 orphaned girls in Tanzania. Flaviana Matata also renovates school buildings and provides full scholarships to female students, supporting them all the way through secondary school and university.

Sentebale is another important organization that DDG supports. Sentebale, co-founded by Prince Harry in 2006, provides mental health and wellbeing support to youth impacted by HIV/AIDS by providing them with the tools, knowledge and education to help them live long and fulfilling lives. Diamonds Do Good has helped fund their program and has seen the positive impact the program has had on countless lives.

You see, diamonds are not only a resource, but are also an opportunity to help ease poverty, disease, lack of education and employment. It’s important to bring to light the positive impact that diamonds have on communities around the world.

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