Our story

Our story

disrupting the diamond sector

Created by diamond dealer Daniel Sieradzki, Woodeex is the first diamond exchange that gives you direct access to a wide choice and variety of diamonds without mediation, straight from source.

Woodeex opens the door to a secret world usually closed to non-professionals, by giving you access to its exclusive network of professional diamond dealers from the world’s largest diamond exchanges located in Antwerp, Mumbai, Ramat Gan, and New York.

Balancing tradition and innovation, Woodeex combines the expertise of long-time diamond professionals with modern technologies, using innovative tools, such as “Smart Search” and the “Woodeex Assistant,” to help you find the perfect diamond, based on your criteria.


Daniel Sieradzki represents the third generation of a Belgian family from Antwerp, home to one of the world’s leading diamond exchanges. He was raised in the magical world of diamonds, taught by his father and grandfather, two renowned professionals. From an early age, he internalized the importance of transparency, trust, and ethics in the diamond business.

After 25 years of experience, Daniel Sieradzki founded Woodeex in 2020, disrupting the diamond industry with his novel idea. Exclusively focused on diamonds, this unprecedented platform enables every buyer to purchase diamonds directly from trusted sources at the top of the diamond industry supply chain, ensuring ultimate transparency and the best and most personalized purchase possible.

Why choose Woodeex?

No middleman, no mark-ups

Here is a graph that allows you to understand and compare the Woodeex process to the traditional diamond supply chain and thus better identify the savings made.

Visit our showroom

Book an appointment and come visit us in our showroom at the Ramat Gan diamond exchange to live a new experience inside the world of diamonds.

Our showroom

Israel Diamond exchange

1, Jabotinsky Street
Ramat Gan, 5252000

The Diamond Reference Index 


The diamond reference index

There is no public official diamond price, as diamonds are not listed on the stock market.

The diamond price is managed by professionals, through the Rapaport diamond report, in the field and not by an external financial authority.

The Rapaport Diamond Report, a true institution in the trade, serves as a reference for the world’s diamond dealers in fixing the price of diamonds. It is the most popular and well-known report in the global diamond industry.

The first Rapaport price list was compiled by Martin Rapaport, the founder of the Rapaport Diamonds Group, in 1978.

The Rapaport Diamond Report is updated weekly based on actual inventory, world production, and supply and demand. It is designed to reflect the market situation, report fluctuations and serve as the basis for calculating the price of diamonds on the world market.

The report is published in tabular form and values diamonds based on carat weight, color and clarity. The price quoted based on this information is expressed in dollars per carat.

Two weekly reports are published: the list of round diamonds and the list of pear-shaped diamonds, which is actually valid for all fancy shapes.

For colored diamonds, there is no specific price list; they are sold according to market supply and demand. Rare colored diamonds are usually sold at public auctions around the world.

Visit our showroom


   Our showroom

Visit our showroom

Book an appointment and come visit us in our showroom at the Ramat Gan diamond exchange to live a new experience inside the world of diamonds.

Our showroom

Israel Diamond exchange

1, Jabotinsky Street
Ramat Gan, 5252000

Free worldwide shipping

Free secure shipping

Free and secure shipping

Buy any item and we will ship it to you for free anywhere in the world. We offer fast and free shipping, as well as insurance to all of our destinations, regardless of the order value. All items are securely packaged and fully insured during its transportation to your home or office.

Items shown on www.woodeex.com can be purchased at our showroom and delivered directly to your home.

Shipping Methods

International orders are shipped via FedEx or others secure carriers. Order status and tracking information will be provided to you.

Note: We will only ship your order after it has been thoroughly checked for quality. Diamonds are shipped immediately after being inspected. Shipping time, for loose diamonds only, is usually between one to 3 days. The Jewelry will be shipped according to the production schedule. However, delivery times may be subject to unforeseen circumstances, such as customs delays.

For your protection, Woodeex will always:

  • Insure and register all items for their full value.
  • Use FedEx or other secure carriers for all orders, to deliver packages in the fastest and safest manner.
  • Require all deliveries to be made to a physical business or home address. Delivery to P.O. Boxes is forbidden.
  • Require a signature for the package.
  • Allow you to choose another delivery address.

In addition, your package may also be picked up at one of our carrier’s branches.

We suggest that all credit card orders be shipped to a valid address on your credit card, though other addresses can be accepted.

Taxes and Duties

As our orders are shipped from outside the EU, customers, whether residing in a country within the EU or outside the EU, will be responsible for duties, VAT and taxes, if any, depending on the regulations of your country.

Please check with your local authorities to confirm taxes and duties.

You can also check with us for an estimate of these charges based on your shipping location.

Note: For delivery in France, the VAT, taxes and customs duties will be included in the selling price.

Delivery to Israel will include the VAT amount in the selling price.



Smart tools to help you choose

Find the perfect diamond

Between tradition and innovation

In addition to our personalized advice and our various online guides, we wanted to go even further.

By blending the know-how and expertise of the diamantaire with new technologies, we offer you two innovative tools such as the “Smart” and the “Woodeex Assistant” which allow you to choose the diamond that best suits your criteria.

Why these tools?

Our goal is to provide you with additional assistance in making your final diamond choice because the choice of a diamond, mixing technical criteria and financial aspects, is almost impossible without in-depth knowledge and specialized guidance.

According to your selection criteria, we will present you the diamonds with the best quality/price ratio among all those, already the cheapest on the market.

What is the calculation method?

Created by algorithms, the Woodeex Assistant and Smart compare each diamond with equivalent quality criteria by taking into account the price of each of them.

For each diamond we score, we don’t stop at the usual 4 criteria representing the 4’Cs (Carat, color, size, clarity).

We also consider the shape and fluorescence, and other criteria such as polish and symmetry.

How it works?


Once you have simply selected your budget and the shape of the diamond you want, the Smart will offer you 3 different choices in each of the following three categories


  • Biggest carat weight
  • Highest quality
  • The right compromise


Sara, (Smart Assistant with Results by Algorithm), your personal assistant will help you, through a few questions, to better understand your expectations and will guide you along your journey. Three different choices will also be offered to you depending on the answers you provide.